Baby Natura 

- Child Prodigy - Inventor of new chess game variant "BlankChess" - Chess Prodigy - World's Youngest International FIDE Rated Chess Player in July 2011 FRL.

BlankChess is a chess variant invented by Baby Natura.

This chess game variant follows all normal rules of regular chess, but the opening of the game does play a major role. As the name states “blank chess”, the game starts without pieces on chess board. And the board divides horizontally into two equal fields (Kingdoms); virtually those are white's field and black's field. Each player should introduce their pieces randomly anywhere in their own field starting with King, one by one, also can move or capture on their turn with already introduced pieces wherever possible on the entire board. Remaining rules are same as the regular chess and no special moves except pawn promotion.

Blank Chess Virtual Fields (Kingdoms)

Blank Chess improves tactical power to play normal chess. To know more about the Blank Chess visit: